So what is Hawkins & Joseph all about? What are we all about?

Well, obviously weíre all about style, looking and feeling good, but thereís so much more to it than that. Iíll try to explain but really itís just something thatís in us. Deep inside...

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Let me take you back to the late 1970ís, the final years in a decade of strikes, power cuts, inept governments, dodgy fashion, even dodgier music, wars on the terraces... Art school Punk had had itís day and now it was time for REAL people to take the stage, real punk was shouting at THEM, and shouting loud. And as if that wasnít enough to blow us away, along came 2 Tone, the soundtrack to our formative years.

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Not only was the music AMAZING, the clothes that went with the whole 2 Tone thing were just as cool. No need for safety pins or bin liners here, not for us, the kids on the street who were into THE best thing ever, right? Walking down the road in my first ďFred and HarryĒ made me feel 10 feet tall, nah make that 20 feet tall! We were unstoppable, me and my new best mate Walt Jabsco. He went everywhere with me and he lived on the collar of my first Harrington jacket, 6 quid from the local market in case you were wondering...

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It was all about style then and has been ever since. You remember your first pair of Docs surely? Or your first Fila tracksuit? What about the first time you rode your scooter or had your first crop? Think back to the first time you heard The Jam or The Specials? Yeah mate, THATíS what weíre all about, itís deep inside, itís from the heart, itís about believing in yourself and knowing what you do is right. Itís about holding your head up high and standing by those who believe in you. Itís about REAL people. You and me against the world because Unity IS Strength and we ARE the people. And you know what else? There are Millions Like Us...

Thanks for believing in us.

Stand Strong, Stand Proud.


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