As you wander through our online store and website you’ll see that we have several 'Collections' available for you to order.

We haven’t just picked out random names or designs for these collections. On the contrary, they are crafted from our own background and upbringing and each and every one has a deep meaning to us here at Hawkins & Joseph.

Please, take a moment to read all about them on the following pages.

The main man here at Hawkins & Joseph HQ is Winston. If you’ve had a look through our site you’ll have read all about Winston and how much he means to us and what he stands for. If you own a bulldog yourself then no doubt you’ll understand it all the more.

Such is our love for Winston and bulldogs in general, we have decided to donate a quarterly amount to the only registered bulldog rescue charity in the UK, THE BULLDOG RESCUE AND REHOMING TRUST.

You can visit their site, donate and find out all you need to know here:

The trust is lovingly managed by our good friends Tania and Dizzy Holmes, who also run the excellent label, DETOUR RECORDS. Check them out here:

The 70’s are soon to become the 80’s. The Dawning Of A New Era for thousands of kids up and down the country. But what will the new decade bring? Hope? Wealth? Happiness? Not for these wild youth of Great Britain. Unemployment and riots is all that’s on offer for them.

Neanderthal extremists drag their knuckles and tell us to send them back. Who? They are from the same streets as us, the streets that lead to nowhere, the cul-de-sac of despair...

The common bond was STYLE. 2 - TONE brought us together not just with it’s message of unity but with THAT look. Everything, it seemed, was adorned with the black and white check and now we at HAWKINS & JOSEPH pay homage to those 2 - TONE pioneers.

I was only ten years old when I got my first one. It was a birthday present from my sister, bless her. Of course I knew mum and dad had bought it really but I wouldn’t have cared if next doors poodle had bought it because at last I had one. It was red with blue piping round the collar and I LOOKED GREAT. Well I thought I did anyway...

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who had one, we all had one. White with 2 shades of blue piping, blue with light blue piping, black with yellow piping.

One kid even had a plain white one and wore it to school!! Yeah, that was cool alright. I couldn’t wait to wear mine. It looked handsome under my black Harrington. Walt loved it too. He never actually said so, but I knew.

You see, this was classic gear and you just HAD to have one. You were nothing without one, everyone knew that, surely?

“Classic”. Now there’s a word that get’s thrown about a lot without much justification these days. It’s different in our case though because this collection IS classic. This style of polo shirt has well and truly stood the test of time, and has NEVER gone out of fashion, NEVER stopped looking the business, and NEVER will.

Why is that? Because you can wear these anywhere and look good. Pub, football, gig, beach, restaurant. Doesn’t matter where, you’ll look good and that my friends is what HAWKINS & JOSEPH are all about. Looking good.

Look to Africa, when a black king shall be crowned for the day of deliverance is at hand!

So said Marcus Garvey Junior in the early 1900’s. This was his prophecy and one that was to come true with the birth of Rastafari a few years later. A religion whose ROOTS were born from the suffering of the underdog and the underclass.

Hawkins & Joseph know all about being the underdog of course, but every dog has it’s day and our day has arrived. As we march on we’ll march on in STYLE, as our classic ROOTS polo shirt proves. The vibrancy of the gold and green matched with the heart of the lion from within that roars with pride.

Better Must Come” was the cry from the downtrodden people of Jamaica all those years ago. Our ROOTS range is respectfully dedicated to those people and the millions like them across the globe.



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